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5 Second With My Crush

I haven’t seen anyone quite a bit like you

But that day & time I flash my eyes on you was a mystery and still is

It was on unfamiliar ground for me when I first saw you

There wasn’t much to say at the moment & is still happening

When I speak/see 👀 you my words are; few, light, blur cause I’m lost of words to say

Furthermore when we cross each other path, I’m all nervous excited which make my legs jiggle like jello, my tummy turn inside out placing butterflies around my head

but in the meantime between fiddling

I am pick in my brains to activate a conversation 💬 with you to make sure that I don’t scare you away

I have practice these speech many times in front the mirror to make sure that I approach you in right manner to describe my feelings towards you while hoping that u feel the same about me

And here I am in front of you with the opportunity to do so but yet I am afraid

That I

Am so nervous of losing this moment that I keep it to my self and just greet you with a nervous creaky voice “hello” which surprise us both

With a loud laughter with sound sweet to my ear.


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