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Dialogue BTW Lovers

motivation quotes 😚💕

Lover girl 💝😘: are you okay love 💝

Love boy 💖: Yes

Am in bed

Lover girl: alright so do I, sweet dreams 😚

Lover boy: you too

Lover girl: 💋💋💋💋💋

Lover boy: same here 😌

Next day 😘😊🎉🎁

Lover girl 💞😊: himorning 🌞 n how wasyour night

Lover boy: was okay n u

Lover girl: good 🙏

Mine was all right thank for asking

What are you up to 😊

Lover boy 💞: just get up

Need some money 💰🤑 today

Am broke

Lover girl ❤️💖: same here just get up

Lover boy: no hard feeling

Lover girl: oh boy, sorry am low on cash flowtoo

Lover boy: will be good

Y deleted

Lover girl: not 🚫 sure you’ll aspect it

Lover boy ❤️: need it for work

Lover girl: what time can you collect?

Lover boy: you tell me

Lover girl: can u…

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